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Kirk Nugent is an American Technology Innovator/Speaker/Leader with Jamaican roots currently working in Higher-Education Technology Management. He is a Results-focused, versatile, and accomplished professional, offering solid expertise within the field of global IT delivery and project management.

"15 years as a hands-on Solution Architect and a Technical Project Manager driving enterprise applications strategic planning, roadmaps, application technical architecture & design, and leading company-wide strategic imperative projects to meet business dynamics and market challenges."

“Mr. Nugent is Wired to Serve in Good Faith”

Toggle Magazine 2018 Winter II Edition
F. Chris McNish

Kirk Nugent is more than a man who inspires you to reach your goals. Kirk is inspiration. Kirk Nugent is an idea! Kirk Nugent inspires by just being! 10 years as a business owner, none compares to the handful of years Kirk has inspired me. As a husband, father, brother…Kirk has figured out the key to a successful life. I am privileged to know him as a friend. I love him as a brother. I take notes as an admired student. Kirk Nugent will be a nationa brand!

F. Chris McNish

CEO Sweet Gap Inc.
Tom Putnam

It has been my pleasure to work with Kirk for the last 18 months in his capacity as CIO for Oakwood University. I found Kirk to display great leadership skills as he sought to balance the needs of his diverse constituency’s (staff, faculty and most of all students) while seeking to revamp the technology platforms at his institution. Kirk has built a principle centered and inclusive culture among his staff where input on major decisions is welcomed and positive outcomes on projects is expected.

Tom Putnam

ADTRAN Business Development Manager
Graham Spencer

I’ve worked with Kirk over the past few months, and its been an absolute pleasure getting to know him.  He’s bright and innovative, wanting and expecting the best for his team and for the institution he serves.

Graham Spencer

Associate Director, EAB Member Services
Tim Trine

Kirk showed great skill in listening to customers explain their issues troubleshooting problems… had a positive attitude while working, getting along well with campus customers, and had good technical skills.  I would recommend him to anyone needing an honest, reliable person working in a technical position.  If opportunity presented, I would hire him again.

Tim Trine

Client Services Director, Andrews University
Roengsak Cartwright

…I worked closely with Kirk to implement many projects at Oakwood where he lead the Technology Division providing representation on Presidents Council. He has exceptional work ethics and has shown to be a visionary leader who is a very organised individual with flexibility to go beyond his responsibilities.  I am very confident in his abilities and highly recommend him without reservation…

Roengsak Cartwright

IT Director, La Sierra University
Haggai Abuto

…he made immense contributions in multiple areas that have remained a source of inspiration, motivation, and with direct results.  We remain grateful for his Technology Leadership contributions to improve IT Service delivery in Africa.

Haggai Abuto

IT Director, Adventist World-Church East-Central Africa

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