There is something special about new beginnings and yet one should not get lost in that newness feeling cause your first weeks and first impressions have a way of coming back later for better or worse.  This first week at Wallace State Community College was excellent!  I felt a little like a Technology Auditor looking at the IT Operations for the College with a magnifying glass and asking every question imaginable because I’ll have to answer for all of it soon.

That process took up the majority of my time but I was able to have some fun, check out my latest YouTube video where I share about my first week…


After editing the video I realized I totally forgot to talk about my Masters Classes that started this week too.  It’s a serious balancing act trying to learn a new job, implement a study schedule, and factor in a 45-minute commute… Confession: I’m not doing to well at that right now, #Pray4Me.  Anyway I included a picture of the text books for this Quarter at the end of the video and i’m excited about the content.  This program is proving to be fun!

So what about you?  What’s new in your life?  What goals or dreams are you chasing?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!



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