My daily routine can get quite busy so I routinely try to plan in free time to take a brisk walk across campus, check in on my team, and occasionally pop-in at my kids school just to say Hi (there’s a dual purpose to that one).  There are days this doesn’t work where the schedule gets away from me and its not only back to back meetings they are actually stepping on one another. In fact some days, like the one I’m writing about, have meetings I can’t accept because of prior engagements yet the content of the new meeting is such that I need to try and find some wiggle room to attend.

On this particular day I knew things would be crazy but I was determined to get it all in.  It started off with a brief meeting with my assistant to approve purchases and time.  Next up was a meeting with my directors which was routine and we actually ended early meaning I was ahead of schedule.  Replied to some emails then went to meet a photographer for a Division-wide photo shoot and here is where the schedule creep began since the location chosen, though well lit, was outside and it was an exceptionally windy and cold day.  We chose a new location (indoors) and then the task of getting the entire Division over to the new location and assembled for the pictures – needless to say we went over on our time.  I was able to call in to one meeting: provide my updates, field some questions, and get off the phone which was impressive considering all that was going on.  I skipped the next meeting all together sending a proxy to represent Technology but then there was a lunch meeting with a vendor that I was already a half-hour late for so it didn’t make sense even attempting to go.

I called the gentlemen to explain my predicament and apologized for this uncharacteristic mishap, he insisted I should still come because the event had not begun yet and I agreed, but in my head I repeated the word “Event” wondering what was going on…  In the car I clicked the button on the appointment that automatically brings up Google Maps and starts navigation and as I drove I realized it was directing me to the Von Braun Civic Center downtown instead of the ADTRAN Campus where I thought the lunch was.  I kept driving (maintained the speed limit) and arrived at the North Entrance where I found a parking spot almost next to the door.  I walked in and realized this was a Chamber of Commerce luncheon for Madison and Huntsville Counties.  I found my table, greeted those I was sitting with and made some small talk between eating some bites of food.  Then someone went to the microphone to introduce the main speaker.  I was sitting at a round table with my back to the main stage so I decided to finish eating before turning around and giving the speaker my full attention.  The main speaker began to speak and recount an assassination attempt on his life last year which peaked my interest and held my attention. I finished the last bite, wrestled my program from under my plate, and there I read the speakers name…

U. S. Congressman Mo Brooks

I listened intently to his brief 7 minute speech afterwhich he began taking questions from the audience via a texting app.  The questions were relevant, economy based, and his answers were gauged, balanced, and seemed genuine.  To be honest my mind wandered away… I sent the picture above to my wife and told her the thing that was running through my mind were these two simple questions:

What am I doing here?  How did I get here?

In the hustle and bustle of life, with all it’s competition for my attention and effort, and the fact that I had totally underestimated my day and placed importance on the wrong things yet I found myself sitting in a room of people who represent the economic engine for the City of Huntsville.  Isaiah 58:14 says “Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and He will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken it.”  Gotta get used to the fact that God loves me and he drops these little reminders in my day just in case I let the busyness of life cause me to forget.

So don’t forget…

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