In August of 2005 Kanique and I purchased for our Wedding Website.  Mighty being Kanique’s maiden name and Nugent being my name we merged the two to come up with the domain name.  Our good friend and my long time brother, Henry McEachnie, built the site which served as our central hub for all things wedding related.  Had location, venue, reception site, bridal party names, visitors guide, hotel booking information and group code, we also put the story of how we met: both versions… Kanique’s and the real story.  We added the engagement story written by Kanique and in a way began our journey with blogging.  The site also had a electronic guestbook where people could leave messages and we still review those to this day.  The last thing we added was the wedding photo album, huge shout to Corey Culbreath.


Wedding Website


Once the wedding was over and the domain needed to be renewed we had to make a decision of what the site would ultimately be and if we should even keep it.  We decided to keep it but create a family wordpesss blog for us to have a one stop location on the web where people can find out what’s happening with us.  The wedding website was moved to and is still available there today.  To be honest our first couple years the site didn’t see much action, guess we were just enjoying married life.  In November 2009 Karsyn was born and Kanique launched Komposition her web design business.  We made a decision NOT to display our kids lives on social media for a number of reasons the main one being we want to own their content.  So we revamped the site again and began posting stuff there and sharing those posts with friends and family.  2011 Miss Khenzi came along in the midst of preparation for a move to South Africa so the next few years were busy for the site.



We moved back to the states in 2015 and for the most part life got busy and blog posts were very few.  After Thanksgiving 2017 we were driving back from Florida and Khenzi brings up an idea to have a YouTube channel which we decided to name “Nugent News”. We recorded our first episode in the car on the drive back and tried to stay consistent doing a video every Sunday.  This being the kids Project we encouraged it and seeing some great support Kanique made the most recent facelift to with major focus on the YouTube channel Nugent News.  Take a look…


New Family Website


I encourage you to visit and keep checking back for new videos, new posts, and interesting fun facts about us, the Nugents!

How do you chronicle your family milestones?  Or share unique moments with family and friends?  Let us know, Leave a Comment below!





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