Goodbye or Farewell or See you Later or whatever parting words you’re used to saying can be said in a flippant, matter-of-fact, routine way because the assumption is you’ll see this person again very shortly.  This week those same routine words to express parting were especially more difficult to say not only because the campus community experienced the tragic loss of a student but also because it’s my last week of employment at Oakwood University as Chief Information Officer.  In this video I reflect on the week: National IT Professionals Day, Division Farewell Lunch, and a Final walk-through campus.


Oakwood University you are a Special place and it was truly my honor and privilege to serve in leadership for a brief time.  I pray God’s richest blessings as you continue pushing forward to the destiny for which God has called this great institution into existence.

A Chapter Closes, While another Opens!  God, I’m ready… Let’s Go!


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