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This week we took steps towards realizing a dream: no part of this was in any way described as easy, we press through anyway. No Pain No Gain doesn’t only apply to working out. A friend asked me recently why I exercise the way I do my answer was: Discipline. The correlation between physical fitness and mental/emotional/spiritual fitness is very strong. It’s a Lifestyle and that same push and drive used in the gym spills over into every aspect of life.

As part of our process to reduce monthly costs when Kanique left traditional employment we put our Ninja membership on hold. In the meantime we kept busy in our home Gymn working out every day. Let me tell you we serve a God that is so phenomenal that he has blessed us to not only reopen our memberships but add the kids too. This picture is me post workout in my Ninja Gear after a 4 month break.

“The Joy of Accomplishment can be Previewed in the Grind since it’s the Process that makes Accomplishment Sweet” -krn


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What are you Previewing?  What are you working toward that requires your strength, focus, and energy?  Join the Conversation, Leave a Comment below.





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