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They say if your given Lemons make Lemonade… I’ve always had the “Gift of Gab” and thankfully I have found a meaningful outlet for it with Public Speaking.  Geeks aren’t known for Speeches but there’s always an exception… Technology in general permeates literally every aspect of our lives so Technology as a topic though very specific has broad applications and is the Area where I have garnered a respectful level of experience.  Below are just a few Topic areas I speak on, I hope we can partner for your next Event, Conference, or Seminar.

  • CyberSecurity

    Spyware, Malware, Keyloggers, and Ransomware Activity is at an all time high and there are multiple ways to mitigate these risks in terms of equipment and systems.  Even after all the best equipment is installed the single largest vulnerability still remains: The End-User.  Let’s talk about some best practices to meet that need.

  • Digital Citizenship

    We live in an age where what was a convenience has become apart of normative culture and we are at a place now where these platforms have become havens for predators who mean to you or your children harm physically, digitally, and financially.  Let’s talk about what our responsibilities are as Digital Citizens.

  • Technology on a Budget

    There are so many Technological Solutions out there with varying levels of usefulness, success, and cost.  The idea that you need a pot of Gold to implement technology isn’t always the truth.  Let’s talk about implementing cutting-edge Technology with limited funds.

  • Industry Innovation

    Contrary to popular belief Technology isn’t one-size fits all.  It is my firm belief that Technology is Industry specific with a number of exceptions where some platforms have broad application.  In my experience application of Technology solutions are more successful when we the solution is tailored made.  Let’s talk about your Industry and possible ways to Innovate it.

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