Thembinkosi Moyo is the Chief Information Officer for the Adventist Church in the Southern Africa Indian Ocean region.  He has a team at his main base of operations made up a Support Specialist, a Data Base Administrator, a System Analyst, a Infrastructure Lead, and several others.  The remainder of his team is spread out over the 23 Countries that make up his territory of responsibility.  Many of those countries have multiple offices, varying needs, and different degrees of access to technology.

I met Mr. Moyo in May of 2010 when I conducted a Training Seminar at what would later be our shared office in Pretoria, South Africa.  Immediately following that seminar we both were involved a multi-site Implementation of Infor SunSystems an Accounting ERP.  As we worked together we quickly became friends and realized though we lived very far apart our lives had a similarity to it that was undeniable.  The next month he would accept the position of IT Director for Systems and Infrastructure and shortly after that I would accept that position of IT Director for Training and Support in the same office.  2 IT Directors… Yes 2!  You could say we were co-directors because that is exactly how we operated.  We often joked that if this co-director arrangement had been given to any other pair it would fail miserably but that wasn’t our story.  Together we would reshape the way Technology Support, Infrastructure, and Innovation would be handled for the Adventist church in that region forever.  In 2015 I was offered a job back at home in the US as Chief Information Officer for Oakwood University which I accepted but soon thereafter Mr. Moyo would be promoted to CIO right there in South Africa and take technology in that organization to new heights.

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I share this post because Thembi is someone who I still look to as a sounding board for ideas, as an Innovator in the field of Technology, and as a cherished friend.  Life is too short not to honor those relationships we have that ground us and bring meaning to our lives.

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Do you have anyone you look to as a sounding board?  Are there any relationships that have shaped your current world view?  Join the Conversation, Leave a Comment below.





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