American Ninja Warrior has been a staple in the Nugent household for a number of years and we even joined the local Ninja Gym here in Huntsville to learn the craft.  Another reason we joined was to have a deeper appreciation of what these athletes really do on the course (harder to laugh if you know you probably can’t do it either).  Whatever our reasons for joining the Gym we’ve made lifelong friends there who inspire us and motivate us to be the best version of ourselves.  The first time I made it up the smaller Warped Wall and heard the cheers of the entire Gym a bond was formed.  One of the people we connected with was Megan Dillard who was one of the coaches but also works in the public school system.  She always had some tips and tricks for us and was just a friendly person, easy to talk and laugh with.  Megan no longer coaches but still comes to the Gym to train and has taken on a new name, the TriPaw Ninja – you can find her on Facebook and Instagram, she’s got an awesome story.  We were overjoyed when Megan and 2 others from our Gym competed on the show in 2018 on the Daytona Beach FL Episode.  We yelled and screamed, so excited to see people who’s stories we know personally on the show we’ve grown to love.

I was chatting with Megan, who was preparing for ANW Season 2019 and had been selected to compete on the show.  She was able to get us Friends and Family tickets to be in the Audience during the Live Recording that she will compete in.  WHAT?!?!?!?!?!? #MindBlown #BucketList #DreamComeTrue Ok let me calm down LOL.  Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think that joining a local Gym would lead to seeing people we know on the show, which was already awesome, but to ultimately be present at a Live Recording was just Phenomenal!  Sunday March 24th from 10pm to 3am Kanique and I were in Atlanta for the recording and it was a night for the history books.  We met Matt Iseman, Akbar Gbajabiamila, the Maker Ninja (stood with his parents), finalists from Kids Ninja, and a number of others who we’ve watched compete year after year.  It was an Amazing night!  Here are some pictures…

The 2019 American Ninja Warrior Atlanta Episode where Megan aka TriPaw Ninja competes and Kanique and I are in the audience yelling and jumping airs/aired Wednesday June 5th 2019 on NBC at 8pm EST and 7pm CST.  We obviously can’t say what the outcomes are but either way it’s definitely worth watching and if you’re reading this after the fact watch it on-demand.

So another Bucket List item is checked off of our List!  What about you?  How do you connect your hobbies/passions with reality?  What do you and your spouse share as an interest?  What are you doing to make these interests/dreams a reality and check them off of your list?  Join the Conversation, Leave a Comment below!


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