The 2018 CIO Visions Mid-Market Summit by Quartz Events was held in Chicago IL in October.  This was my first time attending these meetings and I was not only attending I was presenting on Ransomware.   The conference allowed for natural interaction between both attendees, speakers, and vendors: solution providers from every angel of the industry.

This made it an awesome opportunity to build out my professional network, continue speaking on technology, and get exposed to software/hardware solutions I may need at work: a Win-Win-Win situation for me.  I was also interviewed by Quartz in a reaction video to the conference, take a look:



I don’t rate events 5-stars all the time so that truly means something in my book.  On one of the evenings after all the meetings were over they took us out to Punch Bowl Social and closed the place down.  Awesome time connecting with people, having fun, and making a memory.  Here are some quotes from some of the presenters:

Security is a Behavior which means it can/should become a Habit. Here are 9 Cybersecurity Habits…” – George Finney, Southern Methodist University CSO

CIOs average 3-4 years. Who are you trianing? Who’s next? How are you preparing them? Succession Planning IS Disaster Recovery.” – Jason James, Optima Healthcare CIO

GDPR Enforcement can present itself in the form of major partners writing Data Compliance into your business relationship…” – Rita Zurbrigg, Info-Tech Research Group

Currently 30-40% of CIOs report on Security to the Board. This is projected to increase to 80-90% In the next couple years.” – Nishanth Rodrigues, University of Mississippi CIO

Engage your C Suite at a richer level. If they don’t have the appetite for bold moves: GET OUT. You’re wasting your time cut your losses quickly and move on.” – CIO Visions Summit Keynote Speaker

Here are a few pictures with some of the presenters quoted above…



Awesome experience that motivated me and keeps that fire inside burning bright.  Gotta have these kinds of activities in our lives where we are inspired about what we do and all we hope to accomplish.  So what about you, what do you do in the course of a year that inspires you and keeps you on track to achieve your goals?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!


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