I love engaging with audiences, sharing something that is meaningful and has had impact on my life, and I attempt to do that in a way that is relate-able almost like I’m not up front speaking to everyone rather like a one-on-one conversation.  Doors keep opening for me to do this very thing sometimes they are pursued and other times they drop in my lap.  Speaking at Empower 2019 is the culmination of a journey God has been orchestrating for a long while.

Laserfiche is a Document Management System that also doubles as a powerful Process Automation Platform.  I’ve shared about the deep bonds and partnerships developed with the folks from Information Consultants and at Laserfiche corporate.  I’ve even written about those partnerships and the fruit they’ve yielded on this blog before – https://kirknugent.me/partnering-for-success/.  I was able to partner with them again last October to speak at Educause and because of that presentation I was interviewed by the conference Video Bloggers, though I’m not sure when that video will be made public.  Then it was decided that I would speak at the Laserfiche Annual Customer Conference called Empower.  The 2019 edition of the Conference would be held at the Long Beach Convention Center as it has been for many years as Long Beach, CA is home to the Headquarters of the company.  Tens of thousands of attendees descend on the city for this event and I’ve personally attended for the the last 3 years so it was an honor to attend now as a Speaker.  My topic as you can see in the flyer above was Driving Automation Culture Adoption for Student Success.

Here are some pictures from Educause 2018, Empower 2019, and my slide deck from the Empower presentation…



If you’ve never had an opportunity to share with others a journey that was difficult while going through it but has had a major impact on multiple lives you are missing out on something special.  A few weeks after the presentation I received this email from Grace Ding who was my Liaison for the event and the author of those tweets above:

Public Speaking is something I have been actively pursing as a companion career to Technology Management.  I can’t put into words how rewarding it is to hear feedback directly from attendees at conferences I’ve participated in as a Speaker but also to get it in official fashion like this from the organizers.  Like everyone who is pursuing their dreams I have my good and bad days but this experience has given me motivation to keep pushing forward.  So what about you, what dreams are you pursuing?  What are the things that are motivating you to keep pursuing them?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!


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