Good friend and brother, Nda Masuku (CFO for the Adventist Church in West Zimbabwe), dropped me a line to tell me about the Health Money Faith 2018 Convention he and others were planning for Bulawayo Zimbabwe.  We talked about Tech Night and Social Enterprise Nights as possible collaboration points.  Of course I would’ve preferred to physically travel to that great city to be at the Convention in person but that wasn’t going to be possible.  The next best thing was to either do Live Video or record a presentation, we chose to do the latter and settled on the Social Enterprise Night where a Panel would discuss the idea that the problems around us present young people with opportunities for them to solve them while monetizing the model.  It was all fun until he said this line:


“ truth your video will anchor the session in that you not only introduce the subject but actually frame the message.”


I got nervous thinking man I better knock this thing out the park.  Here is the video of the Full Panel Discussion which includes my video presentation that starts about 10 minutes in…



I was unhappy with the quality of the Video recording, didn’t like the audio because you can hear the wind from the A/C in my office at work where I recorded it.  My plan was to scrap it and start over but I decided to make the edits, add the graphics and send it to him to get his take on it to ensure I was on the right track.  He absolutely loved it so I decided not to redo it at all.


This is a conversation that is perfect for Africa as the current generation grabs hold of technology, identifies those Gaps, come up with strategic ways to exploit/fill them, and establish a business with serious earning potential.  The landscape in that part of the world is very different than the US with few regulatory bodies in place to hinder advancement and innovation.  I’m excited to see what comes from this conference and honored to play a small role in inspiring a generation.  Kudos to Baba Masuku and the Team for bringing this event to the people of Bulawayo!


Here’s my video presentation by itself:




So what about you?  Is there an idea you’ve been toying with that you haven’t taken seriously?  Is there a Gap you’ve come up with a solution for? Join the conversation, leave a comment below!



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