Kymone Hinds is a Speaker, Coach, Innovator, and a self described Ideator and he shares this passion through his podcast “Ideas to Life“.  Ideas to Life is a podcast for Ideators: people who are never out of ideas and not afraid to use them. The show provides inspiration, instruction and motivation to help followers utilize their underutilized skills and talents to make a greater impact and generate additional income. It features topic based shows and interviews with other Ideators.

I’ve known Kymone from College and have followed him closely in recent years familiarizing myself with his brand and platform.  When the opportunity presented itself for us to collaborate on a project I jumped at the opportunity.  April 9th we did a Facebook Live interview and talked about Technology, Media, Leadership, Passion, taking a Chance on yourself, and much, much, more.  It was an awesome experience that truly opened my eyes on what hosting a podcast could look like for me (something i’ve been knocking around for a while).


The Facebook live version is Uncut and Raw which is great but I’ve also embedded the finished product which Kymone has shared on his site as Episode 51 of the Ideas to Life Audio Podcast.  That episode is below and I highly recommend you take the time to give it a listen.


Additionally I am including a link to Kymone’s website where you can listen to other episodes of Ideas to Life.  Here’s the link:

Hope you enjoyed our discussion, Hope something was said that inspired you, Hope this gives you a little more insight into my journey.  What are the Ideas that you need to bring to Life?  What is a skillset you intend to perfect over the next year?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!


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