At Wallace State we have a new Coordinator for Student Engagement who is pushing the envelop to ensure we engage students in new and exciting ways. Jon Stephenson, is a visionary with experience in various student services functions including advising, outreach/recruiting for career/technical education programs, and directing new student orientation functions within the public community college sector of higher education. Demonstrated successes in building strong secondary school relationships, promoting college image/brand and programs, transitioning students to the college/university experience, and improving student enrollment.

One of the new initiatives he has started is the Podcast – Lion Talk. After working together on several items including a Lunch and Learn session speaking to Students, Faculty, and Staff about how they can best use Technology (Image Above). I was honored to be the featured guest on the second episode of Lion Talk. There is some structure to the episode but largely we just have an open conversation about Best Practices, Tips/Tricks, Cyber Security, along with several other items that may serve to help you as you interact with technology on a day to day basis. Please watch and Enjoy!

Awesome experience and opportunity to use this growing platform to speak to the Wallace State Community around these very critical topics.  Though it’s a podcast so the main delivery will be audio, I love the fact they’ve recorded video as well.  So what about you, did we touch on anything that makes you scratch your head or did I mention something you don’t necessarily agree with?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!


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