Livestream Roadmap – So your church service is online… Now what?  What do you need to do during the week to boost viewership on Sabbath? Is your Livestream for your members to watch while they travel or is this a true Outreach component? How do you convert viewers to members? If you’ve ever asked any of these questions this is the session for you.

Above is the blurb that was included in the Southeastern Conference 2019 Leadership Summit program booklet describing the session I was speaking for.  I had an awesome time speaking with Media leaders from local Adventist churches all over the region.  The two packed back-to-back sessions were so engaging and unique that even though I shared the same content it felt like two totally different sessions all together.  Overall it was a great conference and I got a chance to reconnect with folks, hear some awesome presentations, and interact with like minded tech/media ministers who have a passion to reach people online.  I’ve embedded my slides in PDF format along with some pictures from the session below:

Livestream Roadmap KRN


Are our media ministries meant as an Onsite Supplement or a Outreach component?  I believe it can serve as both but the primary focus should be outreach and/or unchurched and because of this the experience should be catered to those who are online.  Their own host/pastor, welcome, online specific announcements, their own giving segment and initiatives, etc… In short they need their own church service built around the teaching/preaching ministry of the lead pastor.   I also spoke about utilizing our Youth to engage the online audience in discussion and to be there when they click that link taking their digital stand for God.  Lastly I tied in the biblical mandate for online ministry – when Jesus called to the disciples from the shore that morning asking they had any fish and giving them instructions to put down their “interNet” on the right (not wrong) side of the boat, where the fish are.  The fish are on the internet… God is asking us to go get them for his purpose and for his glory!

Much prayer and preparation went into the presentation but what made it an awesome experience was the obvious presence of God in the room and the dedicated tech/media ministers all searching for the best ways to reach people with the Good News.  I’d love to hear from you on this and any other ideas or topics you may have.  Join the conversation, leave a comment below.





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