Pierre Quinn is a leadership speaker and author who is on a mission to help others live, learn, and lead with confidence. A passionate storyteller and gifted communicator the most frequently asked question after his presentations is “When can you come back?” His personal journey as a leader has led to invitations from across the country to share the insights he’s gained.  Prior to his focus as a leadership speaker, he worked in nonprofit communications and taught business communication and leadership courses on the collegiate level for nearly a decade. He holds both a Master of Arts in Communication and a Master of Divinity from Andrews University. He admits that his roles as a husband and father are both his greatest joy and greatest leadership challenges.

Connect with Pierre on his website http://pierrecquinn.com/

I met Pierre at Andrews University while we were both working on our Undergrad Degrees. We have fond memories of Campus life, events, clubs, programs, signing in different groups, car races, and a long list of other items that shall remain nameless LOL.  After college we bumped into one another again but this time in a professional capacity.  He was working at Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) and I was working as Technical Support Specialist for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church HQ both housed in the same building.  At the time there was a good group of young professionals working in the building and we had some good times together while there.  In the past few years we reconnected again, he was Pastoring a church in Kentucky and I was CIO at Oakwood and needed speakers for an eChapel series we were doing and was just too glad to call on my friend to participate.  He signed up to do one message and ended up doing 3… We saw God move that day and those messages are still in rotation on OUBN even to this day.  Here’s one of those videos:



During that same time we recorded these videos I got a chance to get a signed copy of his first book Leading While Green: How Emerging Leaders Can Ripen Into Effective LeadersLeading While Green has been used in college classrooms, nonprofit settings, conferences, and churches to help emerging leaders identify their strengths and increase effectiveness in their circles of influence.  Haven’t told him this but i’ve read the book more than once and have implemented several items in my leadership practices on the job.  I was humbled and honored to be a featured guest on his Podcast that bears the name of his book: Leading While Green.  That episode was just released today, here it is:



I can’t thank my guy Pierre enough for having me on the Broadcast.  I love this platform and who knows maybe I’ll have a Podcast of my own one day…

Hope you enjoyed our discussion, Hope something was said that inspired you, Hope this gives you a little more insight into my journey.  What are the Myths about your area of Expertise?  Is there anyone you look up to that is your age or younger?  Join the conversation, leave a comment below!


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