It’s a passion of mine to see Media properly designed, selected, and implemented with an eye toward future growth and a path to meaningful upgrades.  Whatever your message, venue, or audience I would relish the opportunity to partner with you to provide guidance toward realizing your dreams.

  • Stage/Set Design and Optimization

    It’s not just Cameras, Lights, and Switchers… All those items are important but they all serve to showcase what’s happening at your location so we have to put effort into making that focal point one that’s functional yet aesthetically pleasing.

  • Budget Based Equipment Selection

    The marketplace is filled with Media Solution Packages of all shapes and sizes and Yes there is such a thing as top-of-the-line but that distinction removes money as a limiting factor.  I design Equipment recommendations that are tailored to your specifications and of course your Budget.

  • Production Configuration

    A functional Production Setup must be designed and configured with the end in mind. Producing content for live events or recorded for on-demand playback will determine the the equipment you need.

  • Social Media Integration

    It is my belief that streaming your Events Live should always have one singular primary destination which is your Website.  But in the age of Social we must ensure secondary optional configuration for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and whoever else comes up.

  • Some Sample Set Designs, Production Rooms, and Livestream Platforms


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