As a Technology Professional by training and experience I’m a Geek at heart.  I love all things Technology and how it all works together especially in an organization.  The reason I gravitate toward Technology Management is because I have a passion for IT Professionals, knowing their needs, hurts, desires, dreams, goals, aspirations, and what drives them.  From 2008 to 2018 I worked in various capacities for the Adventist Denomination which is a Christian, Faith-based entity with members literally all over the world.  I have a unique perspective on how Technology can be used for spreading the Gospel and for Mission.

While in Jordan earlier this year I got a chance to talk to my good friend and colleague Richard Stephenson who is the current IT Director for the Adventist Church in North America.  We spoke about the need for Technology Professionals to be reminded how critical a role they play in the spreading of the Gospel.  At that time he invited me to come to the Division office and speak to denominationally employed IT professionals from all over the region, some would be on-site the rest would join us online.  I jumped at the opportunity and once dates and travel had been settled I made my way to Maryland for the meetings.  I spoke for the morning session and my colleague Ernest Staats spoke for the afternoon session.  It was amazing to see how God pulled some many details together to create a powerful experience for everyone involved.  I shared from a deeply spiritual and personal place and then shifted into industry best practices and weaved my way into Spiritual Gifts and knowing your team.  Below are copies of the slides used during the presentation.

NAD ITS In-Service Presentation KRN 1


The conversations in the weeks that have followed the presentation have been equally eye opening and powerful.  For those that have the awesome privilege of speaking you know that feedback can sometimes be hard to come by.  This was not the case this time… I’ve bumped into people in person, received emails from others, had subsequent meetings with others and each time I was able to hear from their perspective what the presentation meant to them.  There was a story I shared about Purpose where I relayed some rather dramatic moments in my life where I felt God was giving me a peek behind the veil to show me he has things under control.  As the story closed one of the attendees responded that it was on that trip we first met… He was absolutely right but I had forgotten that point and him sharing that at that specific moment added a realness to the message that otherwise would’ve been impossible.  In this instance I was the speaker but I was immensely touched and blessed by the entire experience.

Do you have a Partner Passion?  Something that might not be your vocation or the way you make a living but it’s something your committed to and believe strongly in?  I’ve learned that when you can find ways to combine calling, vocation, and passion you always get a win and that combination describes this experience.  If you’ve had an similar experience Join the conversation, Leave a comment below.


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