Chris McNish.  (I had to just write his name and leave it there for it to sink in.  For all those who have experienced his gifting there really isn’t much more to say.)  I met Chris McNish while both of us were working at Oakwood University and I quickly came to the realization that what this guy can do isn’t normal.  He would create these short thematic visual feasts that would take you on a journey through the touch points he wants you to experience.  One of my personal favorites is a video he did for Oakwood called “Permissions” which has no audible words and is just under 2 minutes in length but delivers a powerful message.  We worked together (more like he worked and I sat with my mouth agape) on the 2016 and 2017 My Oakwood Stories and I got to see his process and methods up close and personal.  He has a God-given gift to find the nexus where visual meets spiritual… the Sweet Gap.

I’ve been meaning to give my website a refresh for sometime and I knew the easiest way was through some crispy, high quality, masterfully done photos.  So I scheduled a shoot with Sweet Gap for this past Sunday May 19th.  This was going to be my second shoot with Chris but the first was a group photo session and I knew this time I would receive the full treatment.  Folks… I was unprepared.  He had my favorite music playing, he had done his homework in terms of backgrounds, poses, gestures, lighting, you name it.  From Shot #1 we knew we had Gold and he took over 250 photos.  Today is Wednesday May 22nd and not only has the final products been chosen and edited but they’ve been delivered and i’ve got a sampling of them below:

I truly have no words for the quality of these pictures.

One must respect a craft to truly appreciate it and with Mr. McNish you quickly move past respect/appreciation right into reverence/awe.  I’ve placed a bookmark on Sweet Gap and I intend to check back on it regularly because it won’t be long before it moves and expands far beyond it’s creators wildest imagination.

Do you have people in your life that inspire you?  Are there talents you’ve had the pleasure of encountering that you are watching keenly to see when they’ll blow up?  Or are you that person that is constantly told you have a special gift and haven’t allowed yourself to believe it?  Join the conversation, Leave a Comment below.


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