The 2019 KN Podcast tour has been so much fun, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Pierre Quinn on the Leading While Green Podcast, Kymone Hinds on the Ideas to Life Podcast, and the Jon Stephenson on the Lion Talk Podcast at work!  Most of the discussions were around Tech, Media, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Life Hacks/Advice which all fit in well with my vocation and the areas I work in regularly.  This next stop on the Podcast tour is going to be VERY different in that i’ll be a guest on the Trade Secrets Podcast hosted by Denise and Oliver Marcelle.  This Podcast was created by the hosts to provide real advice, real hope, real healing, and transparent stories for Marriages.  Denise and Oliver happen to be family from way way back, stories I wouldn’t dare dive into here but just know that we’ve shared some experiences and they’ve known me long before God got a hold of me to create the man you see today.

In the Podcast I said to them “I know I’m an unlikely guest for the show in that I’m not a Marriage Expert” to which the disagreed strongly.  We had an awesome amazing God lead conversation and we captured the entire thing to share with the world.  You don’t have to be in a bad place in your marriage relationship, you don’t have to be on the edge of giving up, while on the flip side there really are no perfect marriages because there are no perfect people.  This discussion just allows you to hear about Marriage from someone who feels strongly about it (very very strongly) and provides some spark for discussion of your own.  I love the name of the Podcast because it’s so appropriate for how we learn in marriage.  Trade Secrets come about through experience, trial, victory, success, failure, and despair no matter the vocation and works perfectly as a description for Marriage.  I encourage you to take some time out and listen, Click the Image below for a direct link to the Episode:

This was an awesome experience that gave me a rare opportunity to speak to a topic totally outside of my expertise, training, and vocation.  Yet it’s a topic that I’m extremely passionate about because I want a happy home and to live a fulfilled life.  What about you, did you glean anything from this Episode?  Are you setting an atmosphere of success in your home?  Or have you ever had an opportunity to speak to something completely outside of your wheelhouse?  Join the conversation, Leave a message below.


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